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Watch the real Superstar Strippers go head to head for the most sought after titles in the industry!! Superstar Strippers are Feature Entertainers, they are the stars that travel across the United States performing shows at Gentlemen's clubs that go above and beyond the house dancer style of entertaining. Feature entertainers are to exotic dancing what pro athletes are to the NFL, NBA and PGA. The shows, the costumes and the awesome talent makes these professional entertainers as exciting to watch as a Superbowl!!

Pure Talent knows how to produce superior shows and contests!

Celebrating their 15th Year in Business June 2008!

This is the newest and most affordable contest with incredible exposure for your venue!  When you host a Superstar Stripper Contest we bring the party to your club! The combination of your venue, dancers and our feature entertainers will create a fantastic show! The Club Moral builds with all your girls excitement leading up to and being involved in such a fun and positive contest.  Who do you think can win at your club? The contests format can be customized to fit your clubs individual needs.

By hosting one of our events your venue will be included in our New Superstar Strippers video Line, showcased on This will give your venue incredible exposure.  At the same time, put your clubs name in the spotlight and create an awesome entertainment value for your venue.  By having your club featured on our video line, you continue to promote your venues name, address and amenities long after the show is over.  What other promotion do you know of that can create that?

This is the perfect no hassle contest for any size venue. Open to all feature entertainers and house dancers this contest is structured to bring new talent and customers through your doors. The goal is to produce a great show with the contest at your venue while offering you a great money making promotion.

This can be a two or three night event, designed to run on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. From each contest a winner will be chosen and will receive a trophy and sash along with the credit of Superstar Stripper - Regional Winner. The contest will have separate divisions for the house dancers and the feature entertainers. The winner in the feature "pro" division will be guaranteed a spot in the National Superstar Stripper Contest and the clubs winner will own the bragging rites as a Regional winner in the House Dancer Division!

We Make It So Affordable... How Could You Not Do It!

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