About the Superstar Strippers Show

The Superstar Strippers is the hottest burlesque striptease show created exclusively for the Gentlemen's Club market.

The Superstar Strippers cast includes multiple award winning feature entertainers, porn stars and top magazine models performing in the newest and hottest burlesque show to hit the circuit. The Superstar Strippers brings the top sexiest stars together for the most exciting performances you will see this year. The show consists of a choreographed opening and finale as well as individual performances by each star with elaborate costumes and props. The evening is wrapped up with the personal one on one time with the stars for autograph sessions, merchandise, Polaroid sales and smoozing with your patrons after their performances.

What makes this show so great is its such an unbelievable promotion that it exceeds any other club promotion you may have ever done. Pure Talent has a new DVD line called “Superstar Strippers” being sold worldwide! It will feature the Superstar Strippers show, the performers and of course the venues it is booked at on a national and worldwide level. This will give your venue incredible exposure. It will be the best advertisement that your venue could ever have. At the same time, put your clubs name in the spotlight and create an awesome entertainment value for your venue. By having your club featured in our DVD, you continue to promote your venues name, address and amenities long after the show is over. What other promotion do you know of that can create that?

Our performers are not only fantastic on stage they are excellent at customer relations. The pros know how to make your customers feel great about being at your club! When people are having a great time they are traditionally drinking and spending money. We tend to bring out the best in your customers and it creates such a party atmosphere you will hate to see it end.

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